Saturday, November 29, 2008

OpenOffice cannot find the jre

I'm working on a ubuntu 8.10 machine(intrepid ibex). recently when i started openoffice writer it gave me a error saying that it cannot find the jre. But yet i have installed jdk 1.6 and it is working properly with my intellijIDEA & other applications.
You can add new jre to OOffice by tools-->options-->jre add button. when i gave my jre path to the application by add button it gave me a error saying no jre exists in that folder.
After a bit of google searching i managed get around it.
it seems that "" package is missing. So I installed it..

sudo apt-get install
it installs openjdk libs & jre . Then I restarted the OpenOffice writer & went to the jre option menu


There it is :D. the Writer has identified our newly installed jre. It seems that writer is unable to recognize Sun ' s jre. But there is a way to get sun's jre work on openoffice as well.
The links below may help you to find what are they. But the installing openjdk solved my problem....... :D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A new star was born.........

This is about Asia cup 2008 finals held in karachchi Pakistan. The match was between Sri Lanka& India. I spent my whole evening to watch that match (normally that happens) & it turned out to be quite worthy evening.

Sri Lanka started to bat after loosing the toss. the start was ok until that dreadful run out of sanga.
Then after few overs we were struggling having lost 4 wickets in quick succession. Then sanath played a breathtaking ining that was much expected at that moment. Thanks to him & dilshan we reached score of 273.It was bit hard score to defend on that karachchi batting paradise.

when India came to bat, with thundering inning of virender shewag, i lost my all hopes.our fast bowlers were helpless against him. Then in around 12 th over the young spinner of Sri Sanka Ajantha mendis was called for bowling. After that it was like a magic show featuring Ajantha mendis.

shewag - stumped by sanga(poor temprement)
yuvraj - wicket (no clue whatsoever)
raina - wicket (no clue)
sharma - struggled a little legbreak was too good for him
pathan - catch to slips
rudra - doosra (too good for a lower order batsman)

Ajantha mendis took 6 wickets for just only 13 runs (im not sure weather it exactly 13 :D ).The Indians had no clue on , which way the ball turning. It seems to be impossible to pick young spinner off his hand.(even with slow mo: i find it hard).

but he has lot more to prove, in coming years. This is just a beginning. In order to become a world class spinner, he has to perform under different conditions/ teams. So MENDIS "OHOMA YAN"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

cout << "HELLO WORLD";

Consider this as my "hello world" to blogging.I would like to publish my personal experiences, about technologies I'm working with, etc. Right now I'm really busy with my assignment on "Embedded Systems". So thats it.........