Saturday, November 29, 2008

OpenOffice cannot find the jre

I'm working on a ubuntu 8.10 machine(intrepid ibex). recently when i started openoffice writer it gave me a error saying that it cannot find the jre. But yet i have installed jdk 1.6 and it is working properly with my intellijIDEA & other applications.
You can add new jre to OOffice by tools-->options-->jre add button. when i gave my jre path to the application by add button it gave me a error saying no jre exists in that folder.
After a bit of google searching i managed get around it.
it seems that "" package is missing. So I installed it..

sudo apt-get install
it installs openjdk libs & jre . Then I restarted the OpenOffice writer & went to the jre option menu


There it is :D. the Writer has identified our newly installed jre. It seems that writer is unable to recognize Sun ' s jre. But there is a way to get sun's jre work on openoffice as well.
The links below may help you to find what are they. But the installing openjdk solved my problem....... :D

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