Sunday, August 16, 2009

Convert YouTube videos to mp3 format in Ubuntu

Recently i wanted to convert a YouTube video to a mp3 file.(I'm using Ubuntu 9.04)
There were few options, but here is the process that worked for me.
first I installed the ffmpeg converter, as usual by,

$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Then i downloaded the YouTube video to my home folder. Lets call it myVideo.flv (when you are watching YouTube video the flv file gets downloaded in to /tmp directory but i prefer DownloadHelper). Although DownloadHelper has a option of converting the video to mp3 format, it didn't work for me.

then convert the video by,

$ ffmpeg -i ~/myVideo -acodec copy convertedFile.mp3

Now listen to your new mp3 file using your favorite mp3 player.

(make sure that you are not violating any copyright issues when converting media)

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