Sunday, November 21, 2010

My final year project

My University life ended about two months ago soon after the final year exams. But last week we managed to present a research paper 'BISSA: Empowering Web gadgjet Communication using Tuple Space' at the  Super Computing conference (SC10), New Orleans under the workshop Gateway Computing Environments (GCE10).  

This is the first time I'm blogging about my final year project. Hence I would like to give a small overview of the project.

Project Title: BISSA: Disatrubuted & Scalable Tuple Space
Description : Our goal was to build a highly scalable distributed tuple space implementaion. We used Peer to Peer as our distributed paradigm & implementead the tuple space on top of a Distributed hash table. We used Pastry as our DHT. Further we implemented a in memory tuple space for browser applications, which exposes a JavaScript API. The in-browser tuple space was packaged as a Shindig feature, so that a browser gadjet can make use of the BISSA in browser tuple space, simply by declaring the dependency. The tight integration between the in-browser tuple space & the P2P tuple space, allows browser gadjets to co-ordinate & communicate through the  P2P space. If you find this description interesting ;) you should check out our project web site & the project blog for further details. :) 

The driving force behind this project was our two mentors Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana & Dr. Srinath Perera. They are the most awesome mentors you can ever think of. Dr. Sanjiva planted the initial idea in our mind & mentored us through out the project. If not for Dr. Srinath Perera we would have not published our paper in an international conference. Lase but not least I would like to thank our internal mentor Dr. Gihan Dias & Our Department head Mrs. Visaka Nanayakkara for all the guidance & support given through out the project.

All in all, I had a chance of working with an amazing set of people in my project group : Charith Wickramarachchi, Udayanga Wickramasinghe, Dualanjanie Sumanasena, and I beleive that we have completed most of the milestones of our project with satisfactory results. 

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