Monday, March 30, 2009

How to view sites with IE from your Linux box.

I'm used to read weekend newspapers published here in,Sri Lanka. we can read most of them online. But the problem comes with some local news papers which is published using in native language(Sinhala). One such news paper is RIVIRA, which I love to read.But it only renders in IE, since it uses IE specific fonts. I was searching for a online IE rendering tool and found it. :D
It 's called the NETRENDERER and it renders the the webpage as it is seen in IE as a can visit it here .
But it didn't solve my issue. :( . It only renders the page until the end of the current window. so if the rendering page is bit longer you won't be able to see the full page.Of course you cant click links in the rendered page since its a image.
Even thogh with this drawback , this site comes handy to web developers who want to cross-check for the browser compatibility of hteir site.
But for me this is not going to work. I have to look for some other ways to get around this.May be IE4Linux.

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